7 Eating and Lifestyle Tips From an American Broker Who Lost 220 lbs Without Diets

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7 Eating and Lifestyle Tips From an American Broker Who Lost 220 lbs Without Diets

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John Gabriel, a Wall Street broker, managed to lose 220 lbs without dieting or intense physical training. His tips have helped thousands of people, from over 60 countries, get rid of excess weight. His clients have lost weight by fighting stress and regulating their hormonal balance in accordance with his system.

At iBuzz, we got curious about John’s method and decided to share it with you. It’s simple and easy. However, be careful with following recommendation from #7, especially if you have gastrointestinal issues.

John began to gain weight in 1990 and there was no specific reason for why it was happening.

In 2001, he weighed 400 lbs. By this time, he had tried different diets, worked with the best nutrition experts, like Robert Atkins and Nathan Pritikin, but he was wasting his time and money. After losing 11 lbs, he’d gain 15 lbs back, and then he’d try to lose weight again, but the weight returned to him in an even bigger quantity. Physical training was also ineffective for him because John was always very hungry after intense exercise.

On September 11, 2001 he accidentally missed his flight from Newark which was hijacked after it took off. This event made him stop and completely reevaluate his life. John realized that he was killing himself at a job he hated, instead of living his life the way he really wanted. He decided to never diet again and to research the human body instead. John read incessantly about how hormones, neurotransmitters, and enzymes affected body weight.

John concluded that diets don’t work the way they should. When we limit our food, the body begins to think that we are starving. This is why when we finish dieting, the body starts to rapidly gain all its weight back, sometimes even more than we had before.

To lose weight, you need to stop counting calories and work on creating an ideal hormonal environment instead. Since stress, anxiety, and emotional problems can ruin this inner balance, you need to not only take care of your body, but also your peace of mind.

John says that overeating is not the reason for weight gain, but the consequence of emotional issues. John’s reasons for being overweight were stress at work, conflicts with his partner, and financial difficulties.

1. He gave up on dieting completely.

John found out that his body was lacking a few nutrients like proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids. He provided his body with everything it needed. He also noticed that his body preferred healthy foods that were full of vitamins and minerals.

2. He made his digestive system work properly.

One of the reasons why the body may experience a lack of nutrients is maldigestion. When there are problems with the digestive system, the body continues to gain weight.

John began to eat more fermented foods and take probiotics. John thinks that the most healthy foods for his bowels are sauerkraut, kimchi, coconut kefir, and nut cheeses, as well as bone broths, since they have collagen that helps heal the intestines.

3. He addressed his emotional issues.

Some people can’t lose weight because of their psychological trauma and their feelings of being unprotected. They subconsciously feel more confident with excess weight. “Approximately 65-70% of my clients use their weight as a certain form of protection. I call it emotional obesity,” John says.

He used to work with a very aggressive and complicated partner. Once he realized that he was trying to protect himself with his excess body weight, he began to practice visualization which helped him overcome his inner problems and stop using his weight as an armor. He visualized his ideal body and surrounded himself with an imaginary, impenetrable pillar of light. When he stopped perceiving his extra weight as a barrier between the world around him and himself, his weight slowly began to decrease.

4. He got plenty of sleep.

Not having enough sleep elevates cortisol levels which increases cravings for junk food. John used to have sleep disorders due to his sleep apnea. Only when he visited a doctor and managed to get rid of this problem could he sleep well and feel energized. Besides, he also didn’t crave fatty and unhealthy snacks any more, like pizza or sweets.

By the way, you may not even know that you snore (and gain weight as a result). Ask your family or friends that you live with if you snore, they’ll tell you.

5. He reduced his mental stress.

Mental stress, just like any other type of stress, causes hormonal changes in your body that activate The FAT Programs. By practicing meditation and visualization, John managed to get rid of permanent tension, which has made him happier. He says that his problems haven’t disappeared from his life, but it’s his attitude toward them that has changed. As a result, his stress hormones have become less active and his strong sense of hunger has disappeared with them.

To heal mental stress, John recommends practicing yoga and chi kung, or any other activity that brings you mental comfort.

6. He began to lead a peaceful lifestyle.

John moved to a more simple house, got rid of unnecessary expenses, and felt much more peaceful and balanced. He also started growing his own vegetables and fruits so he could eat healthy food, instead of yielding to the temptation of eating fast food.

John managed to give up sweets thanks to visualization. He visualized sugar as pieces of glass, and candy and cookies as something disgusting. In just a short period of time, he developed a distaste for this food and could easily live without it. John cooks healthy and delicious dishes that he has invented himself.

However, if you have eaten something unhealthy, John recommends that you not blame yourself and simply accept it. Just keep moving forward and don’t beat yourself up.

7. He nourished his body.

John lost 180 lbs, but the last 40 lbs were really hard to get rid of. So he added in lots of super foods and real foods like salad, greens, green juices, super greens, spirulina, chlorella, and sprouts. He also drank a lot water with lemon. As a result, he lost his last 40 lbs even faster than the first 180 lbs.

Have you been on a diet before? Did it help you? Tell us in the comments below.

credits: brightside.me

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  1. I am on a keto diet now and been bulletproofing my coffee every morning. I lost pounds during the first month but slowly gaining pounds again. What could be wrong?