Jackie Kennedy Hated Her Wedding Dress, and 12 Facts About the Side of Her Life Hidden From the Public Eye

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Jackie Kennedy Hated Her Wedding Dress, and 12 Facts About the Side of Her Life Hidden From the Public Eye



Indisputable icon, Jacqueline Kennedy, was and still is one of the USA’s most beloved first ladies. She’s been through hell, but walked through it with such grace and beauty that she left a mark both on history and on everyone’s hearts.

Here at iBuzz we are totally fascinated with Jackie Kennedy’s dramatic life path and want to share with you several interesting facts that will probably show you a new side of her.

1. Before John Kennedy, Jackie was engaged to another man that she only knew for a couple of months.

Being Jacqueline Bouvier, she almost didn’t become a Kennedy and one of the most beloved first ladies of the United States. She got engaged with her first boyfriend, New York stockbroker John Husted, in January 1952 (after only a couple of months of knowing each other) and was deeply in love. The engagement was announced in the New York Times magazine and the wedding was planned to happen in June, but in March, as she got to know her fiancée better, Jackie broke off the engagement.

2. Jackie’s ancestry was falsified.

Jackie’s mother has always tried to keep the privileged image of the family, pursuing the status of an upper class family. Although in reality Jackie was only 1/8 French, she had the French maiden name of Bouvier, and believed her mother to be the descendant of French Catholic aristocrats. However, in reality, her ancestors were Irish peasants that immigrated to America.

3. She accepted John F. Kennedy’s marriage proposal a month after he asked her.

The next time, it took her longer do make an engagement decision: after JFK proposed to her, she took a 30-day trip to Europe to think about it. During this trip, she even attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and accepted the proposal when she came back.

4. She hated her wedding dress.

If you’re in the spotlight, things don’t always go as you want them to. Jackie’s dress was a high-fashion one, worthy of the future First Lady, but it doesn’t change the fact she literally hated it: she claimed that it “accentuated her flat chest” and “made her look like a lampshade.”

5. She actually hated her whole wedding.

The wedding dress wasn’t the only thing she didn’t like about her wedding: the ceremony itself was way different from what Jackie wanted it to be. She wanted it to be a small event, with a circle of their closest loved ones, but the ceremony was a big public event.

Jackie Kennedy Hated Her Wedding Dress, and 12 Facts About the Side of Her Life Hidden From the Public Eye

Beyond that, even though she wanted her father to give her away, it didn’t happen: Jackie’s mother told her ex-husband that he wasn’t welcome at the ceremony and with some assistance, she made sure he was drunk before the wedding so he couldn’t attend. It was Jackie’s stepfather, Hugh Auchincloss, who walked her down the aisle and Jackie was furious about it.

6. Jackie lost 3 children.

Jackie Kennedy gave birth to her first child, a daughter Caroline, in 1957. However, before that she had suffered a miscarriage and then gave birth to a stillborn daughter. After the birth of her son John Jr., she lost another son Patrick, who died of an infant lung ailment within 2 days of being born.

7. She was paid $1 million so she wouldn’t file for divorce.

The marriage also wasn’t a very good experience for Jackie: she knew that her husband was having affairs behind her back, she suffered emotionally because of the miscarriages, and the couple wasn’t happy in their relationship. Right before the presidential election, Jackie wanted a divorce. However, JFK’s father, fearing that the divorce would destroy his son’s chances of becoming president and being eager to maintain the picture of a happy family, offered her $1 million to stay.

8. Jackie was fond of grilled cheese and naps.

Jackie Kennedy was a true icon and an amazing lady that a lot of people looked up to. But long walks in her free time weren’t the only hobby she enjoyed: if Jackie didn’t have any appointments on a random afternoon, she liked to have a grilled cheese in bed and then take a nap.

9. She opened a school in the White House.

Jackie was very protective of her children and didn’t want to have them in the spotlight. The press made it difficult for her daughter Caroline to travel to the city for school, and because of that Jackie transformed the White House’s third floor into a school. She also invited some other kids from the Kennedy administration staff to attend it. This startup developed into a fully operational kindergarten with 10 students, professional teachers, and 16 pets.

10. She got an Emmy Award.

When she moved in, Jackie renovated the house that looked too modern for its history with some antiques. In 1962 the major networks broadcasted “A Tour of the White House” so the public could see the White House from the inside, shown by the First Lady herself. For this tour Jackie received a special Emmy, the television award, and since then has become the first and only First Lady with an Emmy.

11. She didn’t change her pink suit after JFK’s assassination.

Although the pink suit she was wearing on that day was covered in blood after her husband was shot in Texas, Jackie refused to change her clothes and later in the day appeared still wearing it. She did this because she wanted people to see what they’d done and what happened to her husband.

12. She’s an editor of Michael Jackson’s autobiography.

Jackie Kennedy had a career as a book editor, and she was the editor of Michael Jackson’s autobiography Moonwalk that was published in 1988 and reached number one on the New York Times Best Seller list. Jacqueline was fond of the musician and wanted him to tell his story, so she secured the book deal, and paid Jackson a $300,000 advance. At the request of Michael Jackson she also wrote 3 paragraphs for the foreword, although she never wanted to have her name on the books she worked on.

13. She’s been through electroshock therapy.

Jackie wasn’t happy in her marriage and was suffering from a terrible depression. She constantly had arguments with her husband, an one of the biggest of them happened in 1957 when JFK came back home late with a mistress. Jackie ran out of the house wearing only her slip, and Kennedy called an ambulance. She was taken to a psychiatric hospital, where she spent a week and received 3 treatments of electroshock therapy.

Which of these facts amazed you the most? Tell us some unusual and fascinating facts about yourself.

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