The Women of the British Crown Showed Us How to Voice an Opinion Without Saying a Word

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The Women of the British Crown Showed Us How to Voice an Opinion Without Saying a Word



The dress also had a small secret of good luck just for the Queen. In the place where Queen Elizabeth’s left hand touched the dress, the designer put a 4-leaf clover. Queen Elizabeth looked great and majestic in her coronation dress and Sir Norman Hartnell was the first designer to become a knight.

Camilla Parker-Bowles’s “invisible” dress

The wedding of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla took place in 2005, and she chose 2 outfits for it. The first one was for the official ceremony and the second was for the blessing ceremony. As for the latter, she chose to wear a pale-blue dress made of chiffon and a coat with golden thread. This choice was made not just because of the age of the couple, but as an attempt to make the wedding ceremony less noticeable and in a way, invisible. The couple was trying to avoid criticism from the public that worshipped Princess Diana and didn’t approve of the newlyweds.

Kate Middleton’s controversial dress

Many British people love Kate Middleton and adore her amazing sense of style — some even compare her to the people’s idol, Princess Diana. And as such, all her public appearances are actively discussed. She is famous for her favorite trick: she appears wearing the same outfits during different events.

Her nephew’s baptism ceremony was no exception as the Duchess of Cambridge appeared there wearing a bright vintage short dress which was a violation of the Royal family dress code and she was criticized by the members of the family. Meghan Markle has also violated the rules several times. Maybe this was Middleton’s way of saying Markle wasn’t the only one who could break the rules. By the way, she appeared in the same outfit at Prince Phillip’s anniversary in 2011. Middleton’s pearl earrings were an interesting accessory as well — Princess Diana baptized Prince Henry while wearing them. This provoked a lot of controversy among internet users who thought that Prince Harry’s wife should have been wearing the earrings, not Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s memory dress

In 2017, on the day of Princess Diana’s death anniversary, Kate Middleton visited the memorial garden in Kensington Palace. For this occasion, she chose an elegant green dress by Prada with a poppy flower print on it. Red poppies symbolize memory and hope in England. This was the Duchess’ way of demonstrating her respect for her deceased mother-in-law.

Meghan Markle’s dress of kindness

In order to understand Meghan’s choice, we need to rewind time back to the days just after the royal wedding. A favorite British designer of the English aristocratic world, Emilia Wickstead, told Daily Mail that the wedding dress from Givenchy that cost 200,000 pounds was the exact copy of a dress from her collection that cost 7,000 pounds. The designer also added that such a simple dress should fit perfectly. Many fashion designers from famous fashion companies judged what Wichstead did and they started discussing other things she had “borrowed” from other designers. In the end, Wickstead gave up and said that Meghan Markle got married wearing a dress that didn’t look anything like her work.

Many people would think that after such a scandal the Duchess of Sussex would never wear a dress by the designer again. But no, Meghan showed that she didn’t hold a grudge and appeared in a black dress by the designer at an event in Sidney in honor of a national holiday for Australia and New Zealand.

Princess Eugenie’s body positive movement

In October of last year, the sixth granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Eugenie of York, was getting married. She chose a dress with an open back that revealed a long scar that she got when she was a child as a result of surgery. This was her way of telling people with scars that there is nothing wrong with having them and that they tell a unique story. The Princess added that for her, it was a way to communicate with people who were going through similar situations.

Do you think the colors and patterns on your clothes are important? Other than words, what are other effective ways to express yourself?

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