What the Siblings of 15 Celebrities Look Like and What They Do in Their Lives

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What the Siblings of 15 Celebrities Look Like and What They Do in Their Lives



There is nothing surprising about the fact that celebrities have brothers and sisters. However, every time we find out that our favorite singer, model, or actor has such a relative, we can’t help but want to learn about them or at least find out what they look like.

iBuzz thinks that it’s time to satisfy our curiosity and find out more about the brothers and sisters of 15 celebrities.

Toby, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s brother

What the Siblings of 15 Celebrities Look Like and What They Do in Their Lives

The younger brother of British top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley deserves to be on the covers of fashion magazines just as often as his sister. In fact, this is exactly what he is working on now. Toby is a former fitness coach and already has a contract with a famous agency. By the looks of it, he wants to make a buzz in the fashion world.

Kelly, Sharon Stone’s sister

Sharon Stone has always been able to amaze everyone with her perfect body. Even now, at the age of 61, she doesn’t look any older than her younger sister Kelly who is 58. They are often seen together at red carpet events. The actress’ sister set up the Planet Hope organization that gives clothes to homeless people. Kelly has also had cameos in different TV series.

Finneas O’Connell, Billie Eilish’s brother

The 17-year old singer Billie Eilish continues to set new music records and her brother Finneas O’Connell has a lot to do with it. He’s a singer, composer, producer, and actor and contributes to his sister’s music. He also has the stage name, FINNEAS, and is widely recognized from the show, Glee.

Kimberly, Kariann and Kristine, Karlie Kloss’ sisters

This American supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel knows a lot about what it means to be surrounded by women. Karlie grew up with 3 sisters whose names also start with a K: Kimberly, Kariann, and Kristine. The model has a very close relationship with her less famous relatives and often shares photos with them on her Instagram page.

Jamie Lynn, Britney Spears’ sister

The younger sister of the pop princess decided to follow in her sister Britney’s footsteps and had her own acting and music career. She was never quite able to achieve the same success as her sister who had the hit single, “Baby One More Time”. But Jamie Lynn is only 28 years old, so she hopefully has more success coming her way.

Luke and Andrew, Owen Wilson’s brothers

American actor, comedian, and scriptwriter Owen Wilson has 2 brothers: an older brother named Andrew, and a younger one named Luke. They’re also actors just like their famous brother. All 3 brothers can be spotted in Bottle Rocket where Owen and Luke play main characters.

Michèle Lavigne, Avril Lavigne’s sister

Michèle, the younger sister of Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, doesn’t show up on the pages of tabloids very often. But not a long time ago, she had a chance at fame: on her Twitter page, Avril congratulated her sister on her wedding. Michèle got married to Kohama Ryota from the Japanese alternative band, One Ok Rock.

Patrick, Harry and Sam, Tom Holland’s brothers

British actor Tom Holland, who became popular thanks to his role as Spider-Man, was born into a creative family. His father is a famous British comedian and writer and his mother is a photographer. Tom has 3 younger brothers: Patrick and twins Sam and Harry. They try to be like their famous relative and perhaps they’ll show up on the big screen one day too.

Cameron, Kristen Stewart’s brother

The filmography of Kristen Stewart’s older brother Cameron is way shorter than his sister’s — he has only 1 film. In 2012, he took part in the film K-11 that was directed by Jules Mann-Stewart, Cameron and Kristen’s mother. The actress also had a role in this film — she voiced one of the characters.

Caleb, Keira Knightley’s brother

Keira Knightley has a very talented family — her mother Sharman Macdonald writes scripts, and her older brother composes music. Caleb is 6 years older than his famous sister.

David Hudson, Katy Perry’s brother

Popular singer Katy Perry has a brother named David, who unlike his older sister, decided not to change his last name. David also works in the music industry and released his first mini-album in 2012.

Alaia Baldwin, Hailey Bieber’s sister

Hailey, the daughter of American actor Steven Baldwin, is only 22 years old but she’s already a model, social media star, and Justin Bieber’s wife. But surprisingly, her older sister Alaia is not very popular. But this doesn’t seem to impact their good relationship.

Cully, Chris Pratt’s brother

Cully, Chris Pratt’s older brother lives in Northern California. During the day, he’s a police officer and at night, he’s an artist. He also has his own business producing wooden plaques, signs, and other products.

Spencer, Emma Stone’s brother

Emma Stone didn’t show up alone to the 2017 Oscar ceremony. She was accompanied by an attractive young guy who, as viewers learned later, was the actress’ younger brother. His name is Spencer and he also works in the film industry — he was a stunt man in Divergent and Sharknado.

Hennessy Carolina, Cardi B’s sister

The extravagant hip-hop singer Cardi B has a very popular younger sister named Hennessy Carolina. She has more than 5 million subscribers on her Instagram page. Hennessy often appears in public with her older sister and they both got famous after appearing on the hit reality show, Love & Hip Hop.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? What’s your relationship with them like? Are you often told that you look a lot like each other?

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